Ready to experience a new level of secure WiFi?

When you team up with Wayv, you get more than just an intelligent WiFi network.
Our range of WiFi services, resources and seasoned experts means you can be up and running in no time.

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  • Consultation

    We believe that one-size-fits-all is a flawed approach.

    Expert, tailored advice

    Each client along with their requirements are unique.
    We’ll sit down and analyze what you already have, identify what you need, and map out how to achieve that together.

    Optimization strategy

    Together we’ll get a deep understanding of your environment, outline a strategy,
    choose and design the right architecture and technologies and deploy, then optimize continuously.

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  • Design

    From networking to security, our network design services cover all aspects of your network infrastructure.

    Site and validation survey

    Using the latest mapping tools we’ll identify all site materials, survey critical considerations,
    visualize your network coverage to better understand radio wave behaviors for your new intelligent network design.

    Predictive site modeling

    In this critical step, we’ll create a detailed predictive coverage map that maps out where APs should be placed,
    point out anticipated network capacity along with a capacity analysis.

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  • Deployment

    Implementing a reliable and secure infrastructure for all your organizational needs.

    Rack and stack

    Our highly skilled and experienced team will work with your facility management to install networking components and document the legacy and new network design.

    Physical installation rollout

    From experience, we learned that a huge part of successful rollouts relies on proper and precise device installations and directions. From factories to hospitals,
    our wireless networks meet the high standards of German engineering.

    Network optimization

    Even the best-designed networks are subject to changing conditions.
    We’ll apply survey data, tweak and optimize your wireless network to its maximum potential.

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  • Support

    Get expert-level support whenever you need - We’re an extension of your team.

    On-site engineers

    Our qualified team of engineers, standing by on-site.
    From managing incidents to warranty and equipment replacements, we’ll make sure every aspect of your network design is stable, scalable, and secure.

    Ongoing monitoring

    We proactively monitor your network infrastructure to quickly detect, troubleshoot and resolve issues, reducing defect rates and system downtime.

    Break and fix support

    Our technical guidance goes beyond on-site support.
    If required, we also provide on-demand single contract support to get you back up and running.